8.6% of Georgia Workers at Risk of AI Job Displacement Amid 'White Collar Recession'

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Monday, July 8th, 2024

Historically, jobs at the highest risk of computerized automation involved repetitive, low-complexity tasks, such as those performed by assembly line workers or farm laborers. The trend toward computerized automation has historically made lower-income jobs more vulnerable to displacement, but AI changes that dynamic.

AI-related automation shows a loose positive correlation with income, suggesting that higher earners may now face greater risk. While lawyers, CEOs, and civil engineers might rely on AI to enhance decision-making, they face low probabilities of being completely automated. On the other hand, loan officers, accountants, and paralegals, whose tasks and knowledge can be more easily learned and replicated by AI systems, are at risk of AI job displacement.


Researchers combined AI occupational exposure data—a measure of an occupation's exposure to AI—with the probability of a computerized automation of the occupation. Then, using BLS employment data, researchers pinpointed the states and metros with the highest percentage of workers at risk.

Here are the stats for Georgia:

  • In Georgia8.6% of all workers are at risk of AI-related automation. Additionally, 45.8% of the Georgia workforce is at risk of any computerized automation.

  • Overall, the share of Georgia workers vulnerable to AI-related job displacement is smaller than the national average of 8.9%.

Location Rank Share of workers at risk of AI-related automation Total workers at risk of AI-related automation Share of workers at risk of any computerized automation Total workers at risk of any computerized automation Median annual wage
Georgia 32nd 8.6% 407,261 45.8% 2,178,532 $45,480
United States - 8.9% 13,469,438 43.9% 66,695,676 $48,060

The complete results have data on nearly 400 U.S. metros and all 50 states. The analysis was conducted by (un)Common Logic, a data-driven digital marketing agency. Feel free to republish or use the findings in your own write-up. If you choose to use the analysis, please link to the original report: https://www.uncommonlogic.com/insights/cities-with-the-most-workers-at-risk-of-ai-job-displacement/