CareSource Donates $1.4M to Learning to Serve, Expanding Opportunities for Education in Georgia

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Tuesday, July 9th, 2024

CareSource, a mission-driven managed care plan serving more than 440,000 Georgians, announced a $1.4 million donation to the Pathways to Education Scholarship. CareSource created the scholarship to help Georgia students, including those with complex needs and those in underserved communities, attend schools that best fits their educational needs. Learning to Serve, a Georgia Student Scholarship Organization, administers the scholarship.   

CareSource’s donation has provided scholarships, many of which are multi-year, to more than 150 students in Georgia. The CareSource scholarship has helped students across 24 counties.  

Learning to Serve receives applications from students across the state and awards scholarships based on three criteria – merit, community service and need – to attend the private school of their choice. The scholarship recipients are asked to document their community service activities within their application and to show an increase in hours and leadership skills each year.  

“Through our collaboration with Learning to Serve, we are expanding educational opportunities to students with learning differences and students from underserved, rural communities who would greatly benefit from a smaller school setting,” said Jason Bearden, president of CareSource Georgia. “Studies show that people who are well educated experience better health outcomes. These scholarships are empowering families with the freedom to send their child to the school that will serve their individual needs and create the educational foundation that will lead them to become healthy, thriving adults.”   

“Some students may thrive in a private school setting, but not all families can afford it,” said Mandy Hudson, executive director and founder of Learning to Serve. “Our scholarships provide students with life-changing opportunities, and we are extremely thankful for support from CareSource that will allow us to help even more Georgia families choose the school that meets their needs, regardless of financial constraints or zip code.”   

This donation was distributed to the Pathways to Education Scholarship across two years.