Lt. Governor Duncan’s “LESS Crime Act” Passes House

Thursday, March 31st, 2022

Today, Lt. Governor Duncan's "LESS" (Law Enforcement Strategic Support) Crime Act passed the Georgia House of Representatives, paving the way for additional funding for local law enforcement agencies once signed by Governor Kemp. Endorsed by city, state and law enforcement leaders, the “LESS Crime Act” establishes a dollar-for-dollar state tax credit for Georgia taxpayers to directly contribute to public safety initiatives within their communities.

Funds generated through the program will go through an affiliated law enforcement foundation with a statewide cap of $75 million per year and $3 million per agency. Contributions can be used to provide officer salary supplements, expand training programs, purchase or maintain department equipment and establish or maintain a co-responder program for de-escalating behavioral health emergencies.

“The LESS Crime Act is symbolic of what can happen when leaders seek solutions beyond the scope of government and promote good policy,” said Lt. Governor Duncan. “With overwhelming bipartisan support, this innovative approach to public safety has received national acclamation. Our legislation serves as a model for government entities around the country to adopt within their own states and communities."

Carried by Sen. Larry Walker (R – Perry) in the Senate, the “LESS Crime Act” (SB 361) has been endorsed by leaders within Georgia’s law enforcement community, including leaders of the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association and the Atlanta Police Foundation.

“Today's House passage of SB 361 is a major step toward ensuring public safety officials have the necessary resources to keep their citizens safe and secure," said Sen. Walker. "I commend our colleagues across the hall for prioritizing this critical measure and look forward to seeing the LESS Crime Act's significant impact throughout each part of the Peach State."

“The resources generated through the LESS Crime Act will significantly aid Georgia’s 159 sheriffs in strengthening local public safety initiatives,” said Georgia Sheriffs’ Association Executive Director Terry Norris. “We commend Lt. Governor Duncan, members of the House and Senate for promoting citizen engagement with law enforcement agencies and appreciate their commitment to those on the frontline protecting our communities.”

“Law enforcement foundations play a vital role in supporting local police operations and securing neighborhoods,” said Atlanta Police Foundation President Dave Wilkinson. “This legislation is a critical step toward increasing police morale and expanding access to modern public safety tactics throughout Georgia."