Georgia Cities Rank in America's 25 Fastest-Growing Cities for Small Businesses

Staff Report

Wednesday, March 30th, 2022

The software company, OpenPhone, just released their ranking of America’s top 25 fastest-growing cities for small businesses, in which they set out to understand where around the country small businesses are rapidly being created and finding the highest rates of success. Georgia was one of the most recognized states overall with three cities on the top 25 list, including Alpharetta (#6), Atlanta (#8), and Marietta (#9). Below is the full ranking of the top 25 fastest-growing cities for small businesses in the U.S.

  1. Apex, North Carolina

  2. Bentonville, Arkansas

  3. Folsom, California

  4. Elk Grove, California

  5. Minnetonka, Minnesota

  6. Alpharetta, Georgia

  7. Bronx, New York

  8. Atlanta, Georgia

  9. Marietta, Georgia

  10. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  11. Joliet, Illinois

  12. College Station, Texas

  13. Irving, Texas

  14. Memphis, Tennessee

  15. Champaign, Illinois

  16. Newark, New Jersey

  17. Corona, California

  18. Leander, Texas

  19. Tampa, Florida

  20. Pompano Beach, Florida

  21. Missoula, Montana

  22. McKinney, Texas

  23. Jacksonville, Florida

  24. Chandler, Arizona

  25. Little Rock, Arkansas

OpenPhone researched the top 1,000 highest-populated cities in the U.S. and scored each city based on the following factors: YoY population growth, number of new business applications, startup survival rate, and startup pre-seed + seed funding. 

Georgia cities scored particularly high for the impressive state-wide startup survival rate of 76.5%, as well as having some of the highest percent-increase in new business applications by county. Alpharetta and Atlanta, GA both had a 54.88% increase in new business applications from 2019 to 2020, and Marietta, GA just trailed at 47.14%. 

Furthermore, Atlanta, GA had a very high value of startup pre-seed and seed funding in 2021. At a reported $203,227,670, Atlanta had the 11th highest amount of startup funding in 2021 of all 1,000 researched cities in the U.S. The full report and details can be found on OpenPhone’s blog at