What Moves a Company Culture from Good to Great? New Employee Data Offers Insight


Friday, June 21st, 2024

goBeyondProfit and Georgia CEO recently released the 2024 Business Generosity Report in which a resounding 95% of employees state that a positive company culture is an important aspect of business generosity. 

When asked to grade their employer, one-third of employees said their current employer’s company culture is excellent (36%), and more than half said their company culture is good (57%). 

What are the biggest drivers of a positive company culture according to employees? There is a tie for the single most important aspect: between managers who care about employees as people (64%) and encouraging wellness and the full use of benefits (62%).

Turns out, generosity is a catalyst for increased productivity. As we explored what makes a company culture positive, we found that 93% of employees correlate a good culture with their productivity.

When asked about the main drivers of increased productivity, employees focused on several aspects of strong company culture, as well as generosity. Employees cited trust (70%) and being rewarded for the quality of their work (67%) as very important aspects of a culture that also improve productivity. When it comes to how generosity can increase productivity, employees once again elevated flexible work schedules (67%) and mental health support (58%) as very important influences.

However, our study also highlights perceived threats to company culture, including flexibility and politics. Explore the full report to find out more.