UPS to Acquire MNX in Strategic Move to Expand Global Healthcare and Time-Critical Capabilities

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023

UPS (NYSE: UPS) announced today that it has entered into an agreement to acquire MNX Global Logistics (MNX), a global time-critical logistics provider. Once completed, the acquisition will bring even more precision and capability to UPS customers in healthcare and related industries who rely upon time-sensitive, often life-impacting logistics solutions. Whether it’s to save a life or to get a grounded airplane back in the air faster, MNX will help UPS deliver what its customers need, when they need it, with even greater confidence.

"UPS already brings extensive capability and industry-leading on-time delivery to our customers, and that breadth and reliability is why they place their trust in us," said EVP and President of UPS International, Healthcare and Supply Chain Solutions Kate Gutmann. "Together with MNX, we will further that reliability and speed globally, especially for our UPS Healthcare customers. We continue to invest in services that bring unique value to our customers and create additional growth opportunities for UPS."

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