UWG Honors Best and Brightest During Third Annual Scholars Day

Madison Murphy

Friday, April 12th, 2019

For more than five decades, the University of West Georgia has recognized the achievements of its superior students. Following tradition, UWG honored students for their hard work and academic achievements at the 55th annual Academic Honors Convocation.

More than 50 UWG students who are set for graduation in May were honored with different awards during the ceremony, which served as the culmination of the Honors College’s third annual Scholars’ Day.

Students from all majors were encouraged to submit presentations and research to present at a conference prior to the ceremony. Works varied in format from oral presentations to performances.

Dr. Janet Donohoe, dean of the Honors College, said Scholars’ Day is an important event to celebrate all the good work UWG students have accomplished, with an undergraduate research conference in the afternoon and the Honors Convocation in the evening.

“The research conference is an invaluable experience for the students because they have the chance to practice their communication skills, get public feedback on their research and have the opportunity to answer questions people have about their research,” Donohoe said. “Then, at Honors Convocation, the best of UWG’s students receive recognition for their hard work. When we are all so busy with school work and paper-writing, it’s important we take a day to recognize the importance of all that work and celebrate the students who are excelling.”

Dr. Micheal Crafton, UWG’s interim president, began the program with a warm welcome, followed by music presentation and theatre performance showcasing talented UWG students.

“The Academic Honors Convocation is the capstone event of a daylong display of outstanding academic work,” Crafton said.

During the afternoon conference, students from all five colleges and the Tanner Health System School of Nursing presented their research for members of the UWG faculty and staff, as well as other students. Students spent months preparing to display their research among peers as well as professionals.

“The conference allows our students and faculty mentors to present their own research,” Crafton continued. “Today we had more than 205 student participants. The work the students and faculty mentors are doing is exceedingly impressive, and I am very proud of their efforts.”

The following is a list of honors convocation award recipients can be seen here