Governor Signs School Turnaround Bill, Other Education Legislation

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Friday, April 28th, 2017

Gov. Nathan Deal signed HB 338, legislation sponsored by Rep. Kevin Tanner, which aims to improve education outcomes for Georgia's students. This critical and bipartisan bill provides a method for identifying low-performing schools and establishes a multiyear, multifaceted turnaround plan to assist them. Deal also signed legislation addressing sanctuary policies, increased school choice opportunities for military children, testing standards, and governance and funding of charter schools.
“Georgia remains committed to improving our state’s education system by increasing student access to high-performing schools and learning environments conducive to today’s academic standards,” said Deal. “To that end, Rep. Tanner has worked tirelessly with my office, members of the General Assembly and other stakeholders on HB 338. By focusing improvement efforts and education resources on our lowest-performing schools, our most vulnerable students will have greater opportunities for success. The educational investments in this legislation will produce long-term benefits for students, families and communities by ensuring education outcome is not hindered by zip code, but rather enhanced by state support and local accountability. I want to thank Rep. Tanner, members of the General Assembly and many others who worked together for the benefit of Georgia’s current and future students.”
"It has been a true honor to work closely with Gov. Deal and his incredible team on HB 338,” said Tanner. “I believe that working to improve our state's low-performing schools can have a greater impact on the future of our state than any other issue we could address as a General Assembly. I appreciate Gov. Deal's leadership in this area, and I look forward to continuing to work with his staff and the State Board of Education to put this plan into real action."
In addition to HB 338, signed legislation includes:

·         HB 37, sponsored by Rep. Earl Ehrhart

·         HB 139, sponsored by Rep. Dave Belton

·         HB 198, sponsored by Rep. Katie Dempsey

·         HB 224, sponsored by Rep. Dave Belton

·         HB 237, sponsored by Rep. Brooks Coleman

·         HB 430, sponsored by Rep. Buzz Brockway

·         HB 437, sponsored by Rep. Robert Dickey

·         SB 186, sponsored by Sen. Lindsey Tippins

·         SB 211, sponsored by Sen. Lindsey Tippins