Newnan-based SQRDUP Launches Innovative, Precise Swing Alignment Aid for Everyday Golf Enthusiasts

Staff Report From Newnan CEO

Monday, March 5th, 2018

Swing alignment problems have troubled many a golfer through the years, but ultra-bright laser beam technology may provide the solution as a new company SQRDUP, (, has developed an innovative golf swing alignment tool to provide golfers with accurate positioning.

The company's cutting-edge laser alignment aid can be used to help golfers visualize precise golfing swing alignment that is quick to set up and easy-to-use. The product can also provide golfers with invaluable adjustment feedback for their feet, hands, club, and target, and additionally be employed as a helpful guide to creating repetitive putting strokes.

"My youngest brother came up with the basic idea of SQRDUP after noticing the crosshair pattern on our driveway," said Randy Bowman, SQRDUP co-founder and CEO. "He then had the idea of whether it was possible to build a device which would project beams of light visible outdoors in the sun. We spent three years in the garage learning everything we could about lasers, LEDs, and holograms. Once we figured out our vision was possible, SQRDUP was created."

SQRDUP benefits and features include:

  • Lightweight and easily accessible -- Designed to be a 6-inch square that is only 1 ½ inches thick and under 1 pound, SQRDUP can be easily stored in a carry bag
  • Highly accurate alignment -- Visibility of a green laser beam provides a fixed putting line to help golfers visualize their alignment
  • Advanced design construction -- Anodized aluminum construction is ultra-durable to stand up to years of heavy use that includes a 545 NM wavelength laser technology
  • Customary to work in any setting -- Lasers are visible in full daylight and can work on any type of terrain from fairways to deep in the rough
  • Quick to set up and easy-to-use -- Can be easily moved with your foot or golf club to get the perfect alignment in seconds
  • Built-in rechargeable battery -- Allows 2 ½ hour of precise alignments on a single charge

Bowman is a former 20-year Marine veteran, who recently retired from the oil and gas industry to pursue his entrepreneurial dream. While many retirees spend their retirement playing golf, Bowman is instead seeking to transform golf through technology.

SQRDUP has also received praise from Dr. Jim Suttie, 2000 National PGA Teacher of the Year.

"Research has proven that 85 percent of golf swing learning is visual," Dr. Suttie said.  "This being the case, the SQRDUP alignment tool does a better job giving feedback on your alignment than any tool I have used in my last 40 years of teaching."

Additionally, SQRDUP has been reviewed by Arrow Certified Technology as an electronic software design that is verified as feasible for manufacturing. The company has launched a successful Indiegogo campaign to bring SQRDUP to market and is targeting an April 2018 product launch: ( The alignment device is expected to cost about $200 but is discounted up to 25 percent for early backers of its Indiegogo campaign.