CMIT Solutions of Fayette and Coweta Wins Prestigious National Awards

Staff Report From Newnan CEO

Friday, June 9th, 2017

Doug Bates, president and of CMIT Solutions of Fayette and Coweta, won the “President’s Award” and the “Success Story” award at the company’s recent annual convention and awards ceremony in San Antonio, Texas. Bates has consistently earned top honors from the franchise company and local chambers of commerce since opening his business in April 2009.

CMIT Solutions is one of the nation’s leading information technology companies, utilizing a franchise model to work with businesses of all sizes across multiple industries. Its annual convention brings together home office leadership and owners from across the nation for four days of training, information-sharing, and recognition of excellence.

“Doug has been one of our top franchisees since he started his business eight years ago,” Jeff Connally, president and CEO of Austin-based CMIT Solutions. “He and his team continue to raise the bar in terms of projects completed, clients served and overall business success. These honors are well-deserved, and we’re very proud to have Doug on our team.”

Themed “CMIT Elevate,” the convention celebrated several key accomplishments and inspired all attendees – franchise partners, local market team members, and corporate leadership – to continue to aim high, think big, and rise to the occasion day-in and day-out. The four days included extensive sales and marketing training, educational seminars, and opportunities to share best practices.

The CMIT Solutions home office completed comprehensive assessments prior to deciding which office would win the prestigious awards. Bates achieved the President’s recognition due to his achievements in all aspects of the business – sales, serving and educating fellow franchisees, hiring a strong team, and much more. He earned the first “Success Story” award, an honor created exclusively to celebrate Bates’s recent record-breaking multi-million dollar deal, one unmatched in the franchise system.

“I’m very honored to be given these awards, and to have one created personally for my accomplishments is something I never would have dreamed of,” said Bates. “To be recognized like this among my peers and the CMIT Solutions home office is something I’m humbled by and very proud of.”