Motivational Speaker Leaves the Rat Race for the Wild Life

Staff Report

Friday, May 19th, 2017

Diane de Mere led a successful career as a corporate trainer and motivator. But, something was missing. Instead of teaching about managing stress and making the most of life, De Mere wanted to actually live it.
After deciding to practice what she taught, De Mere embarked on a mission to gain control of her own stress, while helping others follow in her path. In her new book, “Happy Tales: How to Manage Stress and Find Peace and Joy,” De Mere documents her journey, peppered with stories of her rescued dogs, cats and the wildlife of the Pacific Northwest.
“This is a story about the journey to finding true joy,” De Mere said. “The path is filled with our adventures in nature, featuring the high jinks of our Alaskan Malamutes, and the stunning splendor of the otters, eagles, orcas and other wildlife we met along the way.”
An avid animal-lover and supporter of non-profits and animal rescue organizations, De Mere weaves her animal stories into her tips for stress management, mindfulness and meditation.
“I was searching for new ways to manage stress and find peace and joy,” De Mere said. “What I found was myself and my own strength.”