Bright Futures Ahead for Georgia’s Workforce

Staff Report

Monday, May 9th, 2022

With a labor force of 5.2 million people, preparing Georgians for careers is serious business in the Peach State. From the nation’s No. 1 workforce training program, Georgia Quick Start, to top-ranking universities and technical colleges – and starting at the earliest ages with the first universal Pre-K program in the nation – Georgia places a premium on education and career training.

Targeted Education Provides Workforce Solutions

Time and again, companies choose Georgia for their headquarters or operations because they know there is a skilled workforce ready to fill their newly created jobs. Georgia works with the business community to be a partner in solutions, and that includes identifying and training the right workforce.

Georgia’s leadership in developing specialized training centers like the Georgia Cyber Center and the Georgia Film Academy, both of which provide hands-on skills training, has helped put Georgians in these fast-growing industry jobs. In high-demand fields, state-sponsored programs such as the HOPE Grant also provide greater access to higher education.

Driven by the state’s growing economy, new laws signed by Governor Brian Kemp will take these proven initiatives a step further.

To remove barriers to education, Kemp signed legislation to help students complete high school equivalency programs. By providing vouchers to cover test fees, this bill expands opportunities outside of the classroom.

To further bolster graduation rates, Georgia has also created a needs-based program to help close financial aid gaps for undergraduate students. This will help students who are close to completing their degrees make it to the finish line and put more skilled graduates out into the workforce.

Apprenticeship programs will expand and new programs are under development, because high-quality, work-based learning is another priority for the State of Georgia in response to industry needs.

These measures are a just a few examples of the state’s dedication to creating the best opportunities for youth as they pursue higher education and seek to enter the workforce. With exemplary public schools, customized training programs, and 85 accredited public and private universities consistently producing a strong pool of diverse talent, Georgia’s workforce will continue to meet the demands of businesses now and in the future.

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